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No-Tuition Promise

Berea is the only one of America’s top colleges that awards every enrolled student a no-tuition promise.

No student pays for tuition.

Our generous TUITION PROMISE SCHOLARSHIP makes it possible for you to graduate debt-free. Even if you borrow for special learning opportunities or to replace your family’s total contribution, you will have a low debt compared to national trends. We sometimes call Berea “the best education money can’t buy.”

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Berea College Honored as a Champion of Appalachia

Christian Appalachian Project (CAP) honored Berea College as a Champion of Appalachia at its second annual award celebration Oct. 20.

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U.S. Congress Hears About How Berea Makes College Accessible and Affordable

On September 13th, 2016, a U.S. House Ways and Means subcommittee held a hearing to look at how colleges use their tax-exempt endowments and control the rising cost of tuition… in Berea College’s case, students do not pay any tuition.

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Berea College at #18 in “The 50 Best Colleges for African-Americans”

ESSENCE Magazine ranks Berea College 18 out of 50 on its list of top colleges for African-Americans. ESSENCE collaborated with MONEY Magazine to “create a definitive list of schools that serve us the most,” said Kenneth Terrell, a writer with ESSENCE.

Dr. John Hibbing

Dr. John Hibbing on Liberals and Conservatives Coexisting

Dr. John Hibbing, a Political Science professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, will speak at Berea College on October 27, 2016, at 3:00pm in Phelps-Stokes Chapel.

Berea College Announces Its Campaign for The Margaret A. Cargill Natural Sciences and Health Building

“The new Margaret A. Cargill Natural Sciences and Health building is an investment in that mission of connection and transformation that will propel Berea College forward in the 21st century, rising to the challenge of its inspiring commitments and providing a unique model for higher education in our country.”

-Lyle D. Roelofs, President


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